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Suicidal Friend

LISTENING TO MY FRIEND I was stunned in silence. While his eyes leaked, and his soul gasped for breath I was still. He gushed out the emptiness which filled him to the brim. It was overflowing and spilling out. Words crashed one on top of another as he blurted out his depressive state. “I don’t …

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A Dying Dream was God’s Grace

Have you had a life-long dream? Aspirations of, you can become anything, fed by the encouragement of family, school and all the rest? Have you relished the day when the world will take notice? The day when history pages will be filled with the advancements made by your efforts? Did you find as time passed …

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The Will of God and the Subtle Seduction of Divination

After months of looking, pondering, evaluating, and praying you find yourself staring at your computer screen looking at two different cars. Narrowed down from twenty, it now comes down to a choice. Which car to buy? Have you ever been faced with a big decision like this—a new car, home, job or perhaps a cross …

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Saved or Not Saved? Article X Nashville Statement

Now that the Nashville Statement has had time to settle I want to address article X (10). I write to help clarify some misunderstandings. The first, as I see it,  is a non-biblical understanding of the way salvation is attained and applied. The second misunderstanding is a lack of biblical knowledge to show article X …

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The Glorious Beard of Christ

Abundant Life is Never Meaningless Have you ever experienced devastating circumstances that upon first reflection you thought, “This is so senseless and meaningless”? Part of the reason we fight the temptation to give in to hopelessness is because of what we see—or rather do not see. We are blind to many of the purposes God …

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Why All Christians Should Vote No Matter Who The Options Are

Why All Christians Should Vote No Matter Who The Options Are “It just cannot be! How did this happen? I cannot believe I may not even vote in this presidential election!” Those are the words I heard over lunch a few weeks ago from my good friend Dan. Fast forward to last night after Super …

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