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The Glory of God Through Same-Sex Marriage

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled that Same-Sex Marriage (SSM), is now legal in all 50 states. Which I might add is a term equal to a square circle, neither of which exist as a real thing. Marriage is between men and women established by God not man. So to say SSM exists …

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Mirrored Image: A Good Friday Thought!

Have you ever thought about what a mirror does? I know it may seem an odd question. But think about it for just a moment. A mirror stands or hangs in a particular location and simply reflects that which is placed in front of it. The mirror is not a moral agent so it has …

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God and Genocide, A Response to Brian Zahnd!

    A few weeks ago, a friend tweeted a link to a blog post from Pastor Brian Zahnd. My journey to Pastor Zahnd’s blog ultimately sparked a twitter dialogue between Pastor Brian Zahnd, my friend and myself.     Part of our twitter conversation surrounded Pastor Zahnd’s blog titled, “John Piper and Allahu Akbar” where he was terse …

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